Blogging ain't easy....and neither is putting up Christmas Lights

I realize the blog has gone a little dark lately….pun intended. Over the last few weeks I have been consumed with the installation of the display. As of today (11/20/18) the display is 99.9% finished after about 130 man hours of work. The 0.1% this is left is things that I would like to tighten up, but to be honest if I didn’t get them done I don’t think anyone would ever notice. This years display music is again going be broadcast on 87.9FM which is excellent because I will not have to change the “Tune To” signs. Our display will start on Friday November 23 at 5:30pm. After the 23 the display will run daily from 5pm - 9pm until New Years eve. We try to run the display in the rain / snow but sometimes mother nature wins and we end up turning the display off until everything can dry out. Be sure to follow our FaceBook Page to get last minute updates regarding the display hours and outages due to weather.