Updating RGB Wreaths

For the last few years I’ve used wreaths with RGB pixels on each window of our house that were controlled by SanDevices E6804 controllers. The E6804 has worked flawlessly but because of its size and the power supply size and weight I needed to put the controller enclosure on the ground. This configuration has always worked but one thing I didn’t like was the multi conductor cable that I used has white insulation that caused it to stand out when compared to the black and green wire that I use for other props. Besides the ugly white cable, the E6804 controllers were overkill for the number of pixels that are on each wreath.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.04.37 PM.png

My solution to the white cabling and overkill controllers is to use ESP Pixelsticks. The pixelsticks are much smaller and wireless….except for a power cord. Because of the small size of the pixelsticks I am able to mount them to the back of the wreath along with a small power supply.


The conversion process took about 20 minutes per wreath and I have already began testing running all 11 wreaths together.